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Designed for active young players, NeoTek X Bow offers great playability and responsiveness. Beautifully balanced and well crafted, The composite ensures a consistently straight and strong bow for this entire lifespan.
·Black Matte Carbon Fiber Stick delivers strength and durability, and never break
·Fully-lined Ebony Frog w/ Embedded Logo
·Quality Authentic Black Horsehair offers great playing experience
·Abalone Shell Slide and Black Wiring add design element
·Well-balanced, nice camber and responsiveness

Each individual bow is inspected with our 7-point inspection process:
·Cosmetic: finish, paint, etc.
·Straightness of stick
·Hair length
Available in
Violin bows 4/4-1/8
Viola bows 4/4-1/2
Cello bows 4/4-1/4
Suggested Retail Price
Violin Bow $89.99
Viola Bow $99.99
Cello Bow $109.99